This iconic eating, meeting and chilling spot is the longest standing venue in the heart of de Waterkant village and has been a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike.

Whether your intention is a quick bite to eat, a cheeky afternoon cocktail on the terrace, or a late night rendezvous in the bar, at this welcoming venue anything could happen...

Saddle up and take a ride!

Drinks Specials


2-4-1 on Stella Artios Draught, Black Label 340ml, Castle Lite 340ml


2-4-1 on House Wine (Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot)


2-4-1 on Long Island Ice Tea and Berry Tulip


2-4-1 on our Drink of choice :)

The Menu

We can relate to Alice. She just keeps randomly eating and drinking everything she sees with the hope that it might actually solve all her problems.

The Gallery
Contract of colours
The Bar boys are always happy
Pimm's Jug
Beers and Champers
We love our Hood
Cafe Manhattan is always a crowd favourite
Cocktails are on order
Fun with Friends
Party Party
Burger and Buns
Socialz and Interwebz